Rongmei films need professionalism

Thursday, 20 September 2012 00:00 Published in Letter to Editor Read 1189 times
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The release and sale of Rongmei film 'Baanhthi Baanhnam' disk has created some euphoria among the Zeliangrong community. Ordinary folks are so eager to watch this new film of Rongmei that they didn't have time to ask 'is it worth the fad?' Yes, indeed it is positive step forward in the development of film in Rongmei. The director and producers and the likes should be given due appreciation by the Zeliangrong community in general and Rongmei in particular.

Intending to improve the quality of Rongmei film, here are some constructive criticisms based on many of the Rongmei films I have seen lately.
1.  Dialogue needs be spoken promptly, smartly and with expression. In many instances dialogues seem to have been read out at the studio. For a video editor it is possible to edit pictures and footages with varieties of effects to mask mistakes. But it is formidable task for an editor to brush-up 'voice or vocal' mistakes.

2.  Direction still needs lot of planning. And scene shot only from one or two angles make the movie dull and monotonous. And in many cases in Rongmei film, some scenes of a moment are shown too long. For example, a girl crying and wiping her tears may be shown for a minute or two! Some moments can be taken as understood even if not portrayed in the film. These are conspicuous in our Rongmei films.

3. So far most of the Rongmei films are based on love story and tragedy. It is now high time to produce adventurous movie like the Rambo, comedy like that of Mr. Bean, true incident film like 'Escape from Sobibor', musical treat like 'The Sound of Music' etc. We are so influenced by the Hindi films and Manipuri films where the actor and actress 'chitrahar' for about 6 to 10 songs. Indeed there is no need of spending so much on recording those songs. Because movie making is possible without 'chitrahar'. Let us stop the cheap imitation of Hindi or Manipuri film.

4. Use of high quality camera with accessories, standard lighting system and good microphone along with a good knowledge of 'location selection' will enhance the 'watchability' of our films. Appropriate local background music is a bonus to it.

5. Professional actors and actresses need to be recruited and sustained. For which and for above points a corporation or true association for Rongmei film, or a sort of it, needs to be formed at the earliest. Though the software of video editing is of some importance, at the end of the day it is the creativity of the director and the editor that determines the film's failure or success. For all these 'professionalism' is the watchword.