Jaipur home raided again::: Jacob’s wife escapes with two missing Ukl kids; TSLD reveals names of local middlemen suspects Featured

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Newmai News Network/Dimapur, Mar 24: Another raiding was conducted today at ‘Grace Home’ run by Jacob John in Jaipur, Rajasthan by activists and NGOs involving the Tangkhul Shanao Long, Delhi (TSLD) but Jacob John’s second wife ( from Holland) escaped with the remaining two kids before the activists arrived at the Grace Home.

Two sisters aged 7 and 8 from Ukhrul district of Manipur were taken away from the children’s home by the wife of Jacon John after being informed by someone that activists were coming to raid the ‘home’ again.

“After learning that two more kids were still at the children’s home, we came to raid it but before we arrived Jacob John’s wife had escaped with the two sisters,” Felicita Shongvah, president of Tangkhul Shanao Long, Delhi informed Newmai News Network over phone from Jaipur today. She also informed that a man who seems to be a friend of Jacob John came and threatened the activists at the children’s home today saying he is from the Congress party and now Rajasthan is rule by the party. But as soon as the media team arrived after being called in by the activists, the man disappeared, said Felicita Shongvah.

Meanwhile, the president of TSLD alleged that a man identified as one Lungnem Vashi from Tuinem village of Ukhrul district, Manipur is also suspected to be involved in the child trafficking incident in collaboration with Jacob John.

Felicita Shongvah disclosed that Jacob John's younger brother is married to Lungnem Vashi's sister.

The TSLD president further alleged that the involvement of one A.S.Worthingla of Khamasom Khullen village of Ukhrul district is also suspected.

"After the rescue operation of the Grace Home was widely published in the newspapers, Lungnem Vashi and A.S.Worthingla came to Delhi. It was not clear whether Worthingla had gone to Jaipur or not but she wrote to the police station where Jacob John was lodged for the release of the latter," alleged Felicita Shongvah.

Worthingla's 9 years old daughter is reportedly among the 51 children rescued from the Grace Home on March 12.

According to Felicita Shongvah, A.S.Worthingla, in her petition to the police station, mentioned that she had sent her daughter to the Grace Home after she had given her consent.

It has been confirmed that the children were physically assaulted with electric wires and the likes as punishment, Felicita Shongvah said, while informing that after making the children starved in the locked room for several days, they were also beaten up very often.

Of the 51 children rescued, 8 of them have been badly deformed, the TSLD President revealed.

Of the 51 children rescued from two children homes in Jaipur on March 12, the total number of children from Manipur is 21, six of them are from Nagaland, another six children from Uttar Pradesh (UP), 4 each from Assam, Nepal, Rajasthan and Punjab and 2 from New Delhi. Again, of the 21 children from Manipur, 17 are from Ukhrul district, 3 from Tamenglong district and one from Chandel district.